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Our Mission Statement is not empty rhetoric, but a vibrant affirmation of the beliefs, values and direction of our College.

Ormiston College's Mission Statement

Ormiston College is an independent, coeducational, non-denominational Christian school seeking to achieve academic excellence. Ormiston College aims to nurture and encourage enthusiasm for and commitment to the pursuit of lifelong learning. The College is committed to providing holistic, integrated educational programs that develop problem-solving, decision-making, critical and creative thinking skills to enable students to participate as confident and contributing members of society, capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world.

The College affirms individual differences and actively promotes cultural and intellectual understanding and the development of physical skills of each member of the school community. The provision of challenging opportunities for development of character, responsibility, initiative and integrity, social awareness and good citizenship is a priority in the College.

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Our Code of Behaviour

Ormiston College exists as a place where a complete private education may be undertaken in a warm, caring atmosphere that allows each individual to develop to his or her full potential. It is important therefore that all associated with the school regard themselves and other persons with dignity and respect, and learn the importance of cooperating in a school family with diverse interests but with a common concern for the well-being of all its members.

It is expected that each student will cooperate to the fullest in taking responsibility for his or her own progress by diligent and careful preparation for, and participation in, classes of which he or she is a member. It is important that no student, either through neglect or through lack of concern, interferes with the rights of others to pursue their courses. Therefore, irresponsible behaviour in school or class or the defiance of a teacher's authority cannot be tolerated.

A student's appearance whilst at school and in public is of great importance and should be a source of pride. It is a requirement of the school that the school uniform be worn to all school functions and sporting fixtures unless students are otherwise directed. All items of the uniform must be clean and kept in good repair. Ormiston College students must exhibit the best possible appearance at all times in order to bring credit to self, parents and the school.

It is essential that students develop a respect for themselves as persons and as members of the School Family and therefore they must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will not detract from their reputation or reduce that of other members of the school. Students must respect each others' property and mistreatment of such will not be tolerated. All students should take part in as many courses, cultural activities and sporting pursuits as possible and encourage the involvement of their peers. Students must attend all major annual events of school life. When a student accepts membership of a school team, group or society he or she accepts all the commitments involved in that membership, for not to do so is a mark of little respect towards the other members of the group concerned.

Being enrolled at the School implies acceptance of this Code of Behaviour. Students who breach this Code of Behaviour may face disciplinary action including detentions, suspension (whether from School or from any particular School activity) or expulsion from the School, which the School in its sole discretion determines is appropriate in all the circumstances.

The College advises parents, in the strongest possible terms, that attendance by students at functions where alcohol or other drugs are being consumed by students or where students are conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner contradictory to the College Code of Behaviour, is fraught with risk. Students finding themselves in this type of situation should make every reasonable attempt to leave and parents should support them in their endeavours. Students must understand that the College views these behavioural expectations seriously and any breach of same can result in expulsion or suspension from the College.

In matters which are not specifically covered by the above code or any other School Handbook or Regulation, members of the School Family will observe the principles outlined above concerning the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property and of mutual cooperation within the School Family.