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Welcome to Ormiston College

As parents, the choice of school is one of the most important decisions we make on behalf of our children. It is a decision that significantly influences their future and their attitude towards learning, goal striving, success and their happiness. It is ‘their future’ but ‘your decision’ and we understand your aspiration to give them every opportunity for success.

Defined Success

Ormiston College staff are aware of the tremendous trust and responsibility placed upon them to ensure each child in their care is encouraged, challenged and given every opportunity to develop a sense of purpose and emotional well-being alongside the desire to learn and achieve. We are known as a happy school where students and staff work together to accomplish inspired goals. We are proud of our eminent reputation as one of the finest co-educational schools in Queensland; a reputation that has been gained as a result of high academic success continually experienced by past and current students.

Exceptional Facilities

Ormiston College provides a beautiful, spacious campus equipped with modern facilities that give every child the opportunity to succeed personally, academically, culturally and in sporting and co-curricular pursuits.

Innovative Programs

We are world leaders in integrating technology with delivering quality future inspired education, helping our students become fully prepared to tackle the world of tomorrow. Through our school’s pastoral care program, each student’s social, emotional and behavioural well-being is nurtured, and their ability to meet the challenges faced during and beyond their school years is built.

Inspired Community

We are supported by a positive and enlightened Board of Directors that help us remain at the forefront of providing innovative education that is relevant to the world our graduates will face. A key part of our college success is our Ormiston College community. When you join Ormiston College, you join a warm, welcoming and active community that is proud of our record of success and is equally passionate about achieving a strong future vision for the school and our students.

We welcome you to come and visit Ormiston College to learn more about how we can give your child a life of opportunity.

Brett Webster