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The Parents and Friends Association is a proud and vital part of the Ormiston College school community.

The P&F provides a platform and voice for all parents and local community members who wish to lend a hand, build our community and assist College Executive and staff.

The Ormiston College Parents and Friends (P&F) Association is even older than the College itself. Forming two years prior to foundation of the Redland's first non-denominational Christian school, the P&F supported and drove not only the bricks and mortar foundations but also the learning and operational philosophies and foundations.

P&F Meetings

P&F Meetings are held in the Somerset Sports Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend. Prior to the commencement of our meetings, parents mingle, chat and network with other parents and the College’s Executive. A Headmaster’s Report is also tabled at every meeting.

P&F Executive Committee

The P&F Association is managed by an Executive Committee comprising of:

All Association Executive Committee positions lapse at every Annual General Meeting and all positions on the Committee become vacant.

Anyone wishing to join the Executive Committee or nominate a candidate need to attend the AGM in order to do so. AGMs are held in March each year.

P&F Support Groups

Under the P&F umbrella there are several support groups who fund-raise for a number of educational, cultural, sporting and musical activities. Each group, consisting of both staff and parent coordinators, has a specific fund-raising focus and most are only active for a term or so. Sporting support groups are also often responsible for catering during home games. The College’s Tuckshop and ROCC Shop are always looking for assistance, even if you can only spare a couple of hours once a month. Many warm friendships have been formed while working alongside each other.

The Support Groups currently under the P&F are:

Main Fundraising Events

The biennial College Carnival is the main fund raising event for the College. The P&F are strong participants and supporters in organising the carnival.

During the non-carnival years there is still much planning to be undertaken, smaller fundraising activities to be rolled out and several other projects, such as the College Musical, that simply would not get off the ground without this body of passionate volunteers.

Another P&F tradition is to host a first day back at school morning tea after drop off every term.

Contact the Parents and Friends

For further information regarding the P&F Association or our Support Groups, please contact the P&F Liaison Officer.
Phone +61 7 3488 6714