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Thank you for considering Ormiston College for your child's education.

Ormiston College Enrolment Applications

We open our application process from a child’s birth, and encourage applications as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you would like to make an application for your child to attend Ormiston College, you can complete an application online using your credit card, or download and complete an application form and return it to the college.

Enrolment Places

Ormiston College offers an exceptional curriculum from Prep to Year 12 with three major intake levels commencing at the beginning of the academic year in Prep, Year 5 and Year 7. These intake levels coincide with critical developmental and educational points within a child’s school life. Naturally, families may move districts, states or countries, or their child may not be achieving at his or her current school, prompting parents to make enrolment enquiries outside the key intake levels. Subject to availability, the College is open to applications for other year levels and timeframes.

Enrolment Preference

Enrolment preference is given to applications made on behalf of Christian students. Enrolment preference is offered in the following priority order:

Where particular circumstances apply, the Headmaster may exercise discretion in determining enrolment preferences.

Enrolment Offers

Because enrolments are received many years before the actual date of attendance, the College asks for confirmation of parents’ intention to proceed with the enrolment approximately two years before the student is due to commence. All students and parents/guardians attend an interview with the Headmaster or his representative prior to commencement. Acceptance of a student is at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Accepting a Place

Payment of an enrolment confirmation fee and a signed Conditions of Entry Form is required to accept a place at Ormiston College.

Waiting List

If the enrolment list is full when the application is received, the child’s name is placed on a waiting list for the appropriate year. Enrolment is then considered as vacancies become available. Every effort is made to transfer a student from a Waiting List to the Enrolment List but it may not be possible to do this. Places may become available a short time before the date for which enrolment was requested, occasionally as late as January in the year a student commences.

Scholarship Opportunities

Ormiston College is proud to offer scholarships for both academic and general excellence from Year 8. Please refer to our Scholarships page for full details. Ormiston College has its own special ambience, philosophy, spirit and pride.

We warmly invite you to become a part of a wonderful independent private school.

Enrol Now

To enrol online, please complete the online enrolment form or download a copy of the Application for Enrolment Form.

Schedule of Fees

For further information, or to arrange a tour of Ormiston College contact the Registrar on +61 7 3488 6794.