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Ormiston College Scholarships

As one of the Redlands' most respected private schools, Ormiston College offers limited scholarships to both students already attending Ormiston College, and to students wishing to attend the College. Private school scholarships are achievements to be proud of. We only offer scholarships to students with a demonstrated high degree of excellence in his or her chosen area, combined with a high degree of personal commitment. At Ormiston College, we don't offer scholarships simply to 'fill places'. If applicants don't reach a satisfactory level, then private education scholarships are not awarded.

For those who are successful, this knowledge reaffirms their level of excellence and our belief in their abilities and potential.

Scholarships Opportunities

Ormiston College offers Scholarships for two key areas of excellence:

  1. Academic Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement.
  2. General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in areas such as Sport, Drama, Music, Debating etc and a high level of academic achievement.

Year 7 Scholarship Opportunities

Ormiston College offers scholarships for academic and general excellence for the Year 7 intake level. To be considered for an academic or general excellence scholarship for Year 7, all applicants must undertake a scholarship examination.

The examination for Year 7 entry scholarships is held in the first quarter of the year before the year of the student’s entry to Ormiston College. To each of our successful scholarship winners, we offer part of their private school fees for the extent of the student’s secondary education at Ormiston College.

Ongoing scholarship support is subject to an annual review to determine how the student has performed throughout the past year both academically and in adhering to and supporting the Ormiston College ethos and community. The annual review for General Excellence scholarship recipients will also consider the student's ongoing performance in their area of excellence.

How are Year 7 Scholarships determined?

Candidates for General Excellence Scholarships are required to submit a portfolio demonstrating their achievements and contributions.

Original documents should not be included in portfolios as these cannot be returned.

The portfolio should be concise, formatted to A4-size and comprise:

Understanding the Scholarship Examination Process

Scholarship selection testing is conducted on our behalf by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a well-known independent schools national research and development organisation that conducts scholarship testing of many thousands of students across Australia and for scholarship entry into private education in Australia. If you apply for more than one school using the scholarship selection-testing program, your child will need to sit more than one test as each school uses a different test and scores are not shared amongst schools. The examination includes a test of general reasoning, reading comprehension, written expression and mathematics. These tests have been intentionally selected to be age appropriate and non-threatening. Most students find the testing is challenging but not traumatising, and some students may even find the experience enjoyable. Practice tests may be purchased from ACER by visiting their website.

When registering, please select the type of scholarship being applied for:

Do I need to provide any supporting material?

Where do I send the portfolio?

Portfolios should be forwarded to the Registrar, in person to the College administration office at 97 Dundas Street West, Ormiston, or by mail to Ormiston College, PO Box 1835, Cleveland, QLD 4163, or on or before the Scholarship Examination date.

Register for the Year 7 Scholarship Examination

To be considered for a Year 7 Scholarship, candidates are required to sit a scholarship examination.

The scholarship examination for students entering Year 7 in 2022 will be held on Wednesday 10 March 2021.

Registrations for the Year 7 2022 scholarship examination are now open. Registrations will close at 11pm on Sunday 21 February 2021. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

Register here for the Year 7 2022 scholarship examination

Year 7 2022 Scholarship Test General Information and Testing Day Program

Years 8 to 12 Scholarship Opportunities

Discretionary scholarships are also offered to new entry students in Years 8 to 12 demonstrating academic excellence or general excellence (music/sporting/cultural). Applications are invited at any time during the course of the academic year. All scholarship applicants will be required to give evidence of a sound academic record.

Responsibility of Ormiston College Scholarship Winners

While winning a scholarship is not only a great affirmation and opportunity, as in many areas of life, it also comes with a level of accountability. Scholarship students are expected and encouraged to be a leader in the academic life of the school, to participate fully in school activities and demonstrate pride and loyalty to the College. He or she is expected to remain at the College until they graduate from Year 12 (barring extraordinary circumstances); though we have the right to terminate a Scholarship at any time should the student’s academic or personal progress and performance be deemed unacceptable.

More Scholarship Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding the Scholarship Program, please contact our Registrar on +61 7 3488 6794 or by email at We sincerely wish you well and look forward to welcoming successful scholarship applicants into the Ormiston College community.