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Learning from Home - Secondary School

Ormiston College teachers are implementing an online learning approach that is self-paced and uses online resources to allow students to learn outside the constraints of time and place.

Online learning will present some new challenges for students. With less opportunity for teacher guidance and feedback, students will require greater internal motivation and self-regulation.

Students have a solid foundation to be successful in an online environment through their current learning and study routines. Parents can play a vital support role as students navigate some new challenges associated with online learning.

The learning environment will be familiar to students

The learning environment will be a different experience for everyone

Routines are important during isolation

If teachers, students and parents can work together in establishing a positive approach to Learning from Home, continuity of learning can be maintained, and positive outcomes can be achieved.

Preparation - Learning from Home Environment and Routine

Establish where students will be doing their schoolwork

A dedicated study space will be required. It may be preferable to have this in a common area. Ideally, free from distractions and with good connectivity to the internet. Prepare materials and resources needed for online learning and organise a conducive learning environment.

Develop a daily routine and expectations

This will require a conversation with your family. The preferred option is to complete work as if you were at school. It is important to have a balance of different activities across the day: time for academics, rest, socialising and exercise.

What to Do

Each week

1.On Monday morning at 8.15am students will be emailed a Learning from Home Schedule that will outline the tasks for the week. The email will be titled, as an example: Learning from Home Schedule - Term 1 Week 10 (Week commencing Monday 30 March) and will be sent from the email address secondaryschool@ormistoncollege.com.au.

2.On Monday morning (before 9am) all College parents will be emailed a link to the Ormiston College Learning from Home website where they will be able to access all the weekly Learning from Home Schedules as well as other important information.

On Monday students are to create a Weekly Learning Plan. The plan needs to include their commitments (to family, chores etc) as well as when they complete the work for each subject. Weekly Learning Plan(Tech Tip: You need to be logged into Student Café before clicking the link)

Each day students are expected to:

  1. Logon to Student Café
  2. Check Morning Notices and register for the day’s learning via the URL link.
  3. Read any other messages provided in the Morning Notices.
  4. Complete the learning on their Weekly Learning Plan.
  5. Engage with learning via Microsoft Teams and OneNote adhering to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and the expectations of using Microsoft Teams online (please see rules for Microsoft Teams Meetings).

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

It is important that our students maintain safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies (ICT) whilst participating in their online learning environment. This includes appropriate use of digital platforms, privacy and information protection, respectful communication and how to deal with online issues. Students are reminded of their responsibilities regarding digital citizenship and online safety.

Always remember that students should be continuing to follow the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and the Social Media Policy of Ormiston College. It is very important that students keep these expectations at the front of their mind and treat every online interaction as if students were in the classroom.

In this online learning environment students and parents are reminded that the recording of conversations or activities depicting students or staff and/or the further distribution or sharing of such material is not permitted. For example: no part of video conferencing is captured by parents or students or shared on social media or spaces outside the official school channels.

Students cannot share content from their teachers on social media or outside of the College; this content does not belong to them, and they are required to respect the privacy of teachers creating content.

During home learning, students in Year 5 to Year 12 will still have access to Stymie if you have information about someone being bullied or harmed - Stymie

A link for parents regarding online safety is also included:

Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic (e-safety Commissioner)

What if students are having ICT issues?

Please refer to the ICT Learning from Home Support Guide, and then, if needed, ring the ICT Services Hotline on 3488 6790.

Communication with teachers in the Secondary School

If a student is unable to make progress on a topic, they should seek clarification via a Teams message or email the Subject Leader (listed on the Learning from Home schedule) and then move on to other study.

Teachers are collaborating with a large number of students and families online. Email communication takes longer than answering a question in the classroom. It may not be possible for a teacher to reply immediately, but they will endeavour to respond within 24 hours, depending on their own health and family circumstances.

What if students are sick and are unable to engage with learning?

Parents are asked to call the Absentee Line on 3821 8903 in the usual manner to indicate that their child is unwell and unable to participate in a given day’s learning or for an extended period.

What if students have issues with the college laptop?

It is possible to logon with an alternate device if available, or mobile phone. You may need to download (or install) the apps for OneNote and Microsoft Teams onto the device or phone. These may be accessed form the Shared Services on the Ormiston College Intranet.

What if students have internet connection issues?

If unable to connect to the Ormiston College Intranet for whatever reason, refer to ICT Services Guide, and then, if needed, ring the ICT Services Hotline on 3488 6790. Parents are asked to make contact once the online connection is viable with:

Mr Askin – Deputy Head of Senior School (c.askin@ormiston.qld.edu.au)


Ms Middleton – Deputy Head of Middle School (s.middleton@ormiston.qld.edu.au)

What if assessment occurs during Learning from Home? Depending on the extent of the isolation period, a decision will be made regarding assessment. In the interim, please consider the following procedure as being in place:

Assignments are required to be submitted via Student Café on or before the due date. Parents are asked to indicate if an extension is being requested via email to Paul Dhu – Dean on Studies (p.dhu@ormiston.qld.edu.au). All supervised assessments (eg: exams, listening tests, performances etc) may be postponed and may be re-scheduled after school resumes as normal.

Summary of advice for families



Establish and/or follow a daily routine for learning

Establish routines and learning expectations

Create a safe, comfortable, quiet space in the home where you can work effectively

Define a space for your child to work in

Logon to Student Café daily and read Morning Notices

Phone the Absentee Line if your child is unwell

Check your email for any further communication

Monitor communications from teachers

Regularly connect with your subject Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Begin and end each day with a check-in (see Parent Monitoring Section below)

Engage in learning with integrity and academic honesty in a productive manner

Take an active role in helping your child process their learning

Do your best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates

Encourage physical activity and exercise

Communicate proactively with your teachers if you require additional support

Check in with your child regularly to help them manage stress

Complete the daily reflection on your Weekly Learning Plan

Monitor how much time your child is spending online

Make it easy on your family to assist you to learn, and be proactive when helping the family

Keep your children social but reinforce the rules around their social media interactions

Parent Monitoring

We encourage parents to start and finish each day with a simple check-in. These check-ins need to be a regular part of each day. Not all students respond positively to an online learning environment; some struggle with too much independence or lack of structure and the check-ins help keep them on track. If your child experiences ongoing issues, please contact your child’s teacher for additional support.

In the morning, you could ask

What are you learning today? What are your learning goals? How will you be spending your time? What resources do you require? What support do you need?

In the afternoon, you could ask

What did you learn today? Identify one thing that was difficult. Either let it go or come up with a strategy to deal with the same problem if it comes up again Consider three things that went well today. Why were they good? Are you ok? Do you need to ask your teacher for something? Do you need help with something to make tomorrow more successful?

A Final Word ...

Avoidance rather than procrastination will be your biggest challenge, the earlier you commit to your learning each day, the more successful you are likely to be.

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