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2020 Biennial Prefects’ Breakfast – Celebrating connections spanning a quarter of a century

Opportunities for bringing together any past members of the College community is always something to look forward to. This year was our 12th Biennial Prefects’ Breakfast, denoting a quarter of a century since the College heralded its very first-ever Year 12 students, the Class of ’95.

It was not until that year in 1995, that the College was able to elect its first School Captains and Prefects. Twenty-five years later we can enjoy a biennial event that recognises members of the Ormiston College Alumni, who played a major role in the early leadership of the student body, more importantly, in building the strong school spirit that we continue to experience today.

Ormiston College Alumni are in all corners of the globe. We are fortunate enough to hear from many of them and are overwhelmingly proud of the careers they have built, the achievements they have accomplished and the amazing lives they are living. Many now have families of their own, more and more are sending their children to Ormiston College as ‘Second Generation Students’.

The event is exciting for all involved. Those who are local or who are able to make the journey to attend, are rewarded by catching up with past classmates and old school friends. It gives our current Year 12 Prefects the opportunity to meet and chat with members of the Alumni who once held the self-same position. For members of staff and past Prefects, it is a great reunion sparking many fond memories.

For those unable to attend, due to work commitments or living interstate or overseas, we receive a profile update which is displayed on screen at the breakfast, allowing those present to learn of their current whereabouts.

Upon arrival at the Somerset Sports Centre, Prefects from 1995 to 2020 assembled to collect their name badges. Many had taken on a very different appearance from their days as an Ormiston College student. As they moved into the Hall of Fame, there were many handshakes and hugs, smiles and exclamations of surprise as people came in touch with familiar faces.

Once seated, a Welcome was given by the Headmaster, Brett Webster and the Deputy of College, Lee Catterall. Breakfast was enjoyed over a barrage of chatter, as news of past and present happenings were enthusiastically exchanged.

LinkedIn specialist consultant, Kylie Chown who spoke on ‘Your Digital First Impression’ was the guest speaker.

At the end of the event, the guests were then taken on a tour of the College by Lee Catterall and Paul Hornibrook. This was an amazing experience for many people as it had been many years since some had last visited the College. All were extremely impressed, not only by the new buildings, the many changes and the lush green campus, but by how magnificent and expansive the grounds now looked.

As one Prefect from the Class of 1998 mentioned, “Arriving at school and walking through the grounds to the Somerset Sports Centre was a very emotional experience. It may have changed a lot, but it is still my school.”

Many such comments were made as people made their farewells. There is no doubt they mean to return another time, and nor is there any doubt they left feeling very proud to be an important part of the Ormiston College community.

Valerie Warwick
Marketing Officer and POPS