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Australian Business Week - Years 9 and 10 students experience ABW Enterprise Education

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During Semester 1, an opportunity to take on management roles and experience the responsibility of running a business, has been given to our Year 9 and 10 students who are currently studying Business. Through the annual ABW Enterprise Education Simulation Program, students have been placed in positions whereby important decisions must be made and consequences predicted. These project based learning (PBL) experiences of running a virtual company, require leadership skills and teamwork to communicate and negotiate the decisions on operations, marketing, finance and HR which have to be made quarterly.

Nigel Lozell, Manager and Michael Lutz, Chef of Refuelled Café, plus David Chapman, Owner of Crepe Café supported the Year 9 students in the expansion of their café empire.

The café simulation commences with a single product. Participants then add a further four food and beverage items observing cost and income changes as they do so. Arriving at the cost they must determine the retail price in order to cover overheads of wages, rent, interest on borrowing, fit out costs and ingredients. They then go through several scenarios of ‘what if?’ Groups take over an established café which they must run successfully giving them the opportunity to open up a chain. Managerial, marketing and operational members are elected.

Café Simulation and Excursion - Student Perspectives

In week seven of Term 1 the Business and Commerce students of Year 9 heard from real café owners of Refuelled Café and were given insights into the basics on how to run a business successfully. As a group we were then invited to visit their café to enjoy some baked goods and learn the right atmosphere that customers want when eating out. This excursion links to Term 2s task of Business Management and running a café simulation on a program called Australian Business Week (ABW.) By the end of Term 2 each café may have up to five franchises to maximise business sales. The purpose of the task is to have the most successful business by having made the most money within a set period of time. The real challenge is working together as a group and building a successful business only starting off with a small amount of money and a single item on the menu: a sandwich.

Bianca Allen
Year 9 Student

The year 9 business and commerce team recently went on an excursion to the Refuelled Cafe. This was a unique experience as the students were able to see how the ABW simulation can be transferred into a real life situation. Thankfully the Owner and Chef were able to visit the cohort and speak to Year 9 about the experiences they had when starting the café, such as drawing in customers. The ABW simulation is a great opportunity to understand the food industry.

Max Walshaw
Year 9 Student

The ABW has been one of the most outstanding learning experiences for our Business students. The College would like to thank the mentors for generously giving their time to provide our students with knowledge and insight into the skills required when entering the world of business. Your time has been invaluable. We thank you very sincerely.

Business Department
Ormiston College