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Brisbane Speech & Drama Eisteddfod Success

One again, our students participated in the Brisbane Speech & Drama Eisteddfod at the end of August with outstanding results.

Our competitors travelled from far and wide across Queensland to participate, and we are very proud to have been awarded an impressive haul of over 140 prizes, trophies, medals and bursaries.

Students competed in a huge variety of performance sections over the eight-day period, allowing them to showcase their technique across a range of dramatic genres including poetry, prose recital, character recital, duologue, storytelling, impromptu speaking, sight reading, improvisation and many more.

The exceptional performances by so many of our students earned them striking praise from the esteemed adjudicator, despite the competition being of a very high standard. This is a testament to the many hours our students spent refining their dramatic technique and fine-tuning their stagecraft through rehearsal.

  • Ormiston College students were awarded a range of distinguished major prizes at the event, including:
  • Junior Speech and Drama Champion – Jess Sutherland – Awarded Trophy and $100 Bursary
  • Senior Speech and Drama Champion – Abigail Thomas – Awarded Trophy and $200 Bursary
  • Adjucators Award (Prepatory) – Katie Sutherland – Awarded Trophy
  • Adjucators Award (Junior) – Ben Jackson – Awarded Trophy
  • Adjucators Award (Senior) – Imogen Hatherill – Awarded Trophy
  • Adjucators Award (Senior) – Chloe Richter – Awarded Trophy
  • Adjucators Award (Senior) – Steffan Doyle – Awarded Trophy

Not only did students achieve exceptional results at this event, but they also demonstrated their empathy by fostering an environment of encouragement and support at the event. Students were seen offering high-fives to their peers, cheering for each other and praising each other’s performances.

Well done OC!