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Exceptional results for Ormiston College Geographers

Ormiston College prides itself on the results it receives annually from a variety of national and international competitions.Not only do the results give teaching staff an unbiased, independent benchmark on overall student performance; they also provide comparability over many different subject areas, confirming the high academic position the College holds on a global scale.

As one of the first College contest entries for 2019, the results for the Australian Geography Competition, exceeded all expectations.The contest, held in March and April, is an initiative of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and assesses the geographical knowledge and skills of Australian secondary students.

Several historical records were broken, with five students receiving the award of Top 1% in Australia, (the third year in a row, for Ormiston College students to be acknowledged in the Top 1%). This was followed by 46 High Distinctions, 61 Distinctions, 86 Credits. The 198 students who won awards this year is easily our best-ever achievement in this national competition.

All students in Middle School, Years 7, 8 and 9, competed. Those studying Geography as an elective subject in Years 10, 11, 12 of Senior School were eligible to sit the competition. Geography allows students to embrace the past, comprehend the present and shape the future utilising a diversity of skills. Congratulations to all participants who embraced the challenge to demonstrate this diversity of skills on the national stage. Applause also to all members of the Humanities staff, who demonstrate their enthusiasm for geography but also, their true passion as teachers.

Ian Burgess
Head of Department - Humanities