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Energy of Year 7 Zumba!


Energy and excitement filled the room as the Year 7s were introduced to their Confidence activity for Term 3: Zumba! Over the course of three weeks, the whole cohort will gather in the Somerset Sports Centre, Hall of Fame for Zumba sessions to engage in their SEP focus for this term.

Hip hop beats boomed and salsa sounds encouraged a lot of hip swaying. Designed to get the students out of their comfort zone, it was pleasing to see that everyone had a go and embraced this new experience with great enthusiasm. In their second lesson, students will have the opportunity for further practice and in the third week, master their new skill in a respectful and encouraging environment.

Who would have thought exercise could be so much fun! I think some students have found a new sport!


“Active and lots of fun.” Bridie-Bleu Johnston

“You start off a bit nervous then you get really into it.” Jaden Gilbert

“Has moves I didn’t know.” Nicholas Parisi

“Increases your confidence.” Joe Nichol

“Interesting and fun – different to anything I’ve done.” Lily Withers-Clarke

Rosina Cullen
Year 7 Coordinator