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Final Art Exhibition for our Year 12 Visual Art Students

Over the years, many adventurous and unusual works of art have been presented in the Shared Art Gallery space by this particular group of Visual Art students. This year’s final art exhibition by the Graduating Class of 2019 was yet another exceptional display of creativity and talent.

Students were asked to investigate two quite different concepts throughout the year in order to create two ‘bodies of work’. The first was to explore a student selected focus pertaining to the concept ‘The Artist’s Condition: Introspection and Identity.’ The second body of work was to explore the concept ‘Globalisation and Changing Cultural Identity.’

Students researched their own selected theme, generated ideas and went on to experiment with materials and techniques to find a truly unique and innovative solution. This they carried out with outstanding results; each artwork becoming a doorway providing an open entrance into concerns and the innermost thoughts of the individual student.

On the evening of Monday, 11 November, the exhibition was officially opened, displaying an amazing collection of creative, thought-provoking artworks. The varying items portrayed a myriad of individually inspired pieces, displaying a uniqueness that reflected upon the introspection of each artist. Congratulations to our talented Graduates.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” (Unknown).