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Great steps forward for our young language learners

Junior School Year 5 Chinese Speaking Competition

An emphasis behind an Ormiston College education, is to ensure students are fully prepared for the challenges of a global society. After a recent strategic review of the Language Program offered at the College, we were excited to introduce Chinese to our students from Prep through to Year 5 at the commencement of this year.

Students eagerly embraced their new studies from their very first lesson. Excitement generated even more when they were given the opportunity to create their own Chinese New Year celebrations, gaining additional knowledge of a totally different culture.

Sandy Tan, Chinese Teacher, is delighted with the enthusiasm our young students have shown in their new lessons and reports that their progress has been exceptional.

In May, eight Year 5 students participated in the Chinese Speaking Competition, held at the Queensland University of Technology. This was a wonderful, first time experience, for the students (and College), who were part of a 400 strong student body, representing 56 schools across Queensland. The College is immensely proud of these students who performed at such a high level throughout the day - Zhù hè nĭ men (祝贺你们, congratulations).

Staff, parents and OC students are looking forward to seeing the Chinese studies program develop as it progresses through the Junior and into Secondary School in 2021.

It is well documented that the study of a second language has many cognitive benefits. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, increased creativity and better listening skills.

Awareness of other cultures enables students to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture. In our global society, a second language is well regarded as a competitive edge in career choices.

Before this year, students at Ormiston College had studied German and Japanese from Year 5 onwards. After extensive consultation and review by a variety of stakeholders, it was determined that Chinese and Spanish, which will be introduced as an additional language option in Secondary School from 2021, would be more relevant language options for our students.