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Kindness ROCKS!

Throughout the entire year, Ormiston College students are given many opportunities in which to demonstrate their genuine care and consideration for others. From as early as Prep, through to Year 12, students are taught to look out for their friends and to assist in any way they can, should they feel there is an upset or a challenge.

Following on from Queensland Mental Health Week, the College was able to place even further emphasis upon caring for others. This annual occasion allowed the entire College community, staff and students, to recognise and reiterate the importance of ensuring the mental wellbeing of those around us and to be more aware of mental health issues that can occur.

The focus was very much on kindness. Some students viewed a video on Assembly demonstrating how kindness to oneself and others can improve the wellbeing of all concerned. Monday lunchtime staff plus Middle and Senior School students were invited to the Chapel for a session with Chappie Tanya on the subject of Mindfulness. There were form class activities and many posters and flyers encouraging students to perform an act of kindness to another during the day.

Friday lunchtime, all staff were invited to the CLI to unite with friends for an enjoyable grazing lunch in the Café and to listen to live music at the Kindness Rock stall outside in the Plaza.All in all, it was a time for everyone to consider the difference they can make by listening to the needs of others and showing that they are always there to help.