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Middle School Life Education

Recently the Middle School students participated in a Life Education session with presenter, Claire Trethewey as part of the Student Enhancement Program.

These days, children and young people face more challenges than ever before. Life Education Queensland believes in prevention through education. By providing young people with Life Education, we can empower them to make the safer and healthier choices.

Zona Lee and Declan Hedger (9.2) share their thoughts on the Year 9 session: “The Life Education program was designed to enable interactive teaching of relevant sexual health matters. As students, we were engaged in the presentation that covered a variety of topics such as STIs, contraception and safe sex. We felt comfortable during the session to participate in the discussion and we feel that we have increased our knowledge on the topics covered. Without hesitation, we continued to ask and answer question that were directed at us. Not only will it allow us to make educated choices but it also will allow us to communicate to our parents with more confidence.”

Zona Lee and Declan Hedger

Year 9 Ormiston College Students