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Morris Gleitzman enhances literary studies for Year 7

In English this term, the Year 7 students are studying Morris Gleitzman’s Once. On Thursday, 28th April the students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Gleitzman.

This consisted of a whole-group session where Gleitzman explained the decisions he made when writing the novel and how this lead to the writing of another five books about Felix, the protagonist of 'Once'. In a follow up workshop students focused on developing their narrative writing skills.

Students are required to write a prologue for 'Once' as their assessment task and I am sure that students gained many insights from Gleitzman that they can apply to their writing.

Mr Peter Hoens

Head of English

"On Thursday 28 April 2016, the renowned Australian author, Morris Gleitzman, came to visit the Year 7s to help us with our short story assessment task. He gave us lots of very helpful tips to make the task less daunting. Talking about his novel, ‘Once’, the first in the series, Mr Gleitzman gave us some activities to improve our writing. We really enjoyed the visit as it will boost our writing skills. I hope that Mr Gleitzman can come back in the future to help other students when they get into Year 7 as it was very motivating. "