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In Sydney, on Friday 16 August, at the annual Australian Education Awards ceremony, Ormiston College was named as the national winner of the 2019 Innovation in Curriculum Design award. The Headmaster, Brett Webster, and other members of staff who attended the event, were honoured to be selected from such a large number of Government and Non-Government Schools throughout Australia.

Over the years, Ormiston College has received recognition for high academic achievement and its innovative teaching. In 2018 Ormiston College was recognised as Australia’s Top School for Best Use of Technology, winning the award at the Australian Education Awards. The College’s reputation has grown globally since being appointed greater Brisbane’s first Microsoft Worldwide Showcase School and also winning the Educator’s Most Innovative Schools Award for four consecutive years.

A strong focus on the preparation of skills required to meet the needs of students as they enter the workforce of the 21st century, has always been uppermost in the College curriculum and all the key strategic priorities.

The Australian Innovation in Curriculum Design Award is testament to Ormiston College’s long-standing commitment to a campus-wide teaching and learning framework. It acknowledges the work over the years by all staff to set the scene for an Ormiston College learning environment which is characterised by academic rigour, innovative approaches and the development of 21st century skills.

Brett Webster said that “The Ormiston College Teaching and Learning Framework supports our team in delivering the best educational outcomes for all our learners. Our unique framework provides the blueprint and tools for our teachers to plan relevant and meaningful learning experiences where students are able to develop deep understanding of traditional subject disciplines, as well as the skills and mindsets needed to navigate the constant shifts in the way we live and work in this rapidly changing and often disrupted world.

Mr Webster went on to say, “The evolution of the Ormiston College Teaching and Learning Framework has been a great team effort, involving effective leaders at all levels and a very professional staff team. I congratulate our Academics and Innovation team, faculty and team leaders and our teachers who are working to bring the framework to life in our classrooms."

The finalists for the awards represent the very best in the education sector Australia-wide. Ormiston College and our staff were selected as finalists in multiple categories of the 2019 Australian Education Awards. These awards recognise the extraordinary work the Ormiston College team of teachers and administrators do every day to enable students to meet the ever-changing demands of a 21st century world.