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P&F Association 2019 Executive Committee Announced

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The Parents and Friends Association is a proud and vital part of the Ormiston College school community.

The P&F provides a platform and voice for all parents and local community members who wish to lend a hand, build our community and assist College Executive and staff.

The P&F Association Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 27 March 2019. We are pleased to announce that the following Executive Committee members were re-elected to the team: Rory Melville (President), Andrew Hurford (Vice President) and Gayle Ayers (Treasurer). We also welcomed a new team member, Sue Booth, in the role of Secretary. A sincere thank-you is extended to Donna Kelly who served as Secretary to the team over the past two years.

We wish our 2019 P&F Executive all the very best as they continue to lead our parents in partnering and supporting the College in the coming year.

P&F Meetings are held in the Somerset Sports Centre. All parents and friends are welcome to attend. Prior to the commencement of our meetings, parents mingle, chat and network with other parents and the College’s Executive.