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Promoting the love of reading

Many exciting things happen in the CLI on a daily basis, but one new venture that really stands out for capturing the imagination and curiosity of students from Years 3, right up to Year 12, has created great enthusiasm and interest.

The idea was the brainchild of our innovative Teacher Librarian, Karen Eyre, who is always seeking out new ways in which to promote books and the love of reading. Ms Eyre felt that a ‘student’ library advisory and advocacy group, could be extremely valuable to both students and staff, in promoting an interest in new book titles.

Since launching the idea on morning notices, two sign-up meetings have taken place: one for Primary Students covering Years 3 to 6, the other for Secondary Students in Years 7 to 12.To date, 28 students have enthusiastically volunteered to become members of the, now officially named, Student Library Advisory and Advocacy Group.

Ms Eyre arranged for the younger group members to assist in the ‘box-opening’ of a recent order received. This was undertaken with extreme excitement, as the students sorted through the new items, selecting which titles they may wish to borrow and read once processed. This will now become a regular and much anticipated 'Ceremony of the Box'.

Currently, the Secondary School group are receiving a weekly email, supplying a picture of the front cover plus a synopsis of four new titles, selected by Ms Eyre.The students then email back if they wish to read and review a particular title. The weekly email is proving to be very successful.

The reason behind selecting just four titles is: -

To give variety in genre choice

Expose students to new titles, plus introduce new interests they may not have previously considered

A weekly limit of only four choices, so as not to create overwhelming options

The Secondary group will then meet twice a term in order to discuss what is and has been read and also contribute their recommendations. This then enables Ms Eyre with ordering and purchasing decisions for readers throughout the Secondary School.

The Junior School group will run on a similar basis, though meetings will be more frequent as communication with these students is via library lessons and lunchtime visits to the CLI, as opposed to receiving emails.

The rationale for the group is threefold: -

To give students a voice

To create a ‘social buzz’ around reading

To improve cultural attitudes towards reading

The excitement and eagerness in which these two groups have taken on the responsibility of becoming an official body within the College, as members of the Student Library Advisory and Advocacy Group, is all down to the foresight of our Teacher Librarian. An innovative idea that is already causing a new ‘social buzz around reading’.