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Rave Reviews for Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins 2019

Congratulations to the students, volunteers and staff who delivered a ‘practically perfect’ musical for Ormiston College. The community response has been phenomenal:

- Biggest congratulations to the cast and crew and orchestra for a fantastic opening night! As a past student I was so proud to sit in the audience and watch a new wave of extremely talented young performers dominate the stage. A stage I have tread on many times before and know so well, therefore it is close to my heart. Mirusia - Soprano Soloist

- WOW to the amazing students in the production. They are amazing and we were amazed with the professionalism. Lillianne

- I’m 85 and it was the best stage production I have ever seen. Don

- Is Mary Poppins a student? Really? I can’t believe how talented she is! Cleveland Manor resident

- So professional, your students are just fabulous and it was a privilege to be here - thank you! Community visitor

- What a professional production, the quality of the singing and acting, whilst perhaps being natural to those who participated, also would have had their beginnings from the dedication of the teachers. Huge congratulations to all involved, we look forward to the next production.

- Congratulations to everyone involved; students, lighting, sound, musicians, back stage, fantastic sets, costumes, voices, dancing. Overall amazing!

- Congratulations to all involved in the outstanding production, Mary Poppins, The Broadway Musical. A well-disciplined production where every facet was superbly executed - from the clever choreography, superb orchestration and singing, excellent dramatisation and characterisation to the very impressive costuming, and sets.