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Real World Learning in Visual Art

The culminating Year 10 Visual Art student experience was held on Monday night at the Shared Space Gallery. Students exhibited their work from across Semester One.

Working as artists and gallery curators, they selected work and installed it using the professional hanging and lighting system. Didactics were written, invitations created and distributed, and most importantly, delightful food and drinks were ordered. Parents and friends came along to enjoy the evening and to explore ‘What is Really Going on in That Place?’. Each students researched a particular place and built on the approaches of various mentor artists to create work that revealed the richness of a culture, environmental concerns, the changes and transformation of cultures and landscapes.

A big thank you must go to all the students for working hard to create such an intriguing exhibition, and to the parents and friends who came along to celebrate.

Julianne de Lange
Art Coordinator