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There are many occasions when Ormiston College students receive praise for the way in which they present themselves in public. Confidence and self-esteem are evident in students throughout the entire school, both Junior and Secondary; this is regularly commented upon by visitors to the school. Events such as our Showcase Days receive outstanding numbers of compliments on the presentations undertaken by our students, not only the manner in which they display themselves but also the knowledge they are able to impart.

Last week students from Ormiston College were invited to the National Education Summit held at the Brisbane Convention Centre, to showcase their classroom learning and the technology used in a Hackathon. The College sent students from Years 4, 5, 6 and 9, to demonstrate their particular areas of expertise by presenting their work to teachers from schools throughout Australia.

The seminar centred around the design thinking process of Hackathon. Our Year 4 delegates demonstrated how to create story dialogue using coding skills and Oculus Go. Our Year 5 delegates used modelling clay to create 3D objects, whilst our Year 6 delegates demonstrated how to use the 3D builder app to 3D print solutions for real world problems plus how to use merge cubes to make virtual 3D objects. Our Year 9 Secondary students guided their participants through a coding activity to manipulate micro bits. Each of the four year levels provided different and interesting solutions to differing problems.

The event attracted a vast number of teachers from schools far and wide, and a great many commented on the ease with which our students used technology. Compliments were also received on the confidence they had shown in explaining and discussing their ideas and their personal classroom learning experiences. This occasion provided yet another opportunity for our students to display their confidence and self-assurance when presenting their knowledge.

Whilst Ormiston College is proud of the numerous awards it has received for its outstanding teaching of technology, it is also extremely proud of the reputation its students are gaining through their understanding of the knowledge being taught.