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Students don't just use technology they learn how technology works!


This week, teachers from the Mathematics, Science and Technology Departments were learning how to Code using MATLAB. In the digital world of the future, it will be advantageous for students not only to be familiar with how to use computers, applications and programs, but also to instruct computers to function in a particular way through coding.

Over three days, our teachers became more familiar with the MATLAB software which enables the execution of complex mathematical computation, analysis, visualization and problem solving. MATLAB will have many applications within the classroom. At present, our current Year 12 Maths B students are using MATLAB in a real world problem solving context to model the progress of a swimmer caught in a rip.

It certainly pays to know how to Code using MATLAB. Recently, four of our graduates from 2015 were presented with a cheque for $2,000 by MathWorks, the manufacturers of MATLAB. Toward the end of last year, Head of Mathematics, Dr Thomson facilitated the opportunity for Alex Muirhead, Joshua Burton, James Copperthwaite and Michael Poole to work on a collaborative project in which they used their coding skills to create interactive maths assignments for Year 11s.

Paul Hornibrook
Head of Senior School