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TAS Trimester 1 Champion School

The Ormiston College Redbacks capped off an excellent start to the TAS sporting year being crowned the Trimester 1 Champion School.

This season has been very memorable for a number of reasons:

It has been enjoyable. The enjoyment witnessed at training and on Saturday mornings is always present. We initially play sport to be with our mates and to have fun. This should always be in the front of our mind whatever level of sport we play. The influence and support of four new coordinators – Mr Hackney (Boys Volleyball), Ms Gregor (Girls Basketball), Mrs Sullivan (Cricket) and Mrs Minnikin (Girls Tennis). Mrs Middleton continued to coordinate swimming for her tenth season! These outstanding results showcase that despite changes in leadership we have a very stable sporting program and a culture of committed teachers at Ormiston College. A massive thank you is extended to these coordinators. The commitment of our coaches and managers. These wonderful people not only teach the students the technical and tactical parts of sport but are role models who help shape the character of the young people at OC. We cannot thank these people enough for their care and support. The number of TAS Supp teams. We entered seven teams into the draw this year. The Supp program continues to develop and is becoming a better product each season. Including more teams into TAS Supp provides the opportunity for more OC students to be active through sport and this is a huge priority for the college and the OC sporting program. The weather. Everyone did a terrific job adjusting schedules when volleyball and basketball start times were changed to accommodate wet weather. Thank you all for this. Being crowned Trimester 1 Champion School! This is the seventh time this has been achieved (2019, 2018, 2014, 2013, 2009, 2004, 2003). Going back-to-back as Trimester 1 Champion School. The hunt is sometimes easier than holding off the chase. We needed a different mindset this season and we did a wonderful job showing composure and guile to grind out close wins all season. Being Champion Girls Tennis School! This is the fourth time this has been achieved (2019, 2003, 2002, 2001). Being Champion Boys Volleyball School! This is the tenth time this has been achieved (2016-2019, 2009-2013, 2007).

We value all sports and teams at Ormiston College. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to win a premiership so for the following teams who were able to achieve this, many congratulations:

Seconds Girls Tennis Year 10 Girls Tennis Year 7 Girls Tennis Year 10 Boys Volleyball Year 8 Boys Volleyball Third XI Cricket

Complete results of how each sport and team performed can be found here.

We now look to Trimester 2; with solid preseason training we are looking strong for the season ahead.

Congratulations again on a fantastic Trimester 1!

Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities