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Year 12 German Speaking Assessment Preparations


In preparation for the speaking assessment, Year 12 German students have been targeting Skilful Communication as the 21st century skill of this term's unit.

Students have participated in weekly speaking activities focusing on various aspects of environment and conservation issues. In week 1, students explored the inbuilt voice recognition through Notes in iPad by letting Siri transcribe their views on emissions and climate change in German. In week 2, it was the online platform of Padlet that allowed students to express their opinions on deforestation and endangered species. In week 3, they swapped technology for a soft ball to argue the positives and the negatives of nuclear power in a guided debate. This was followed in week 4 by a wheel of fortune making them comment on alternative energies. This series of speaking activities culminated in week 5 when we used Flipgrid to record short video answers to questions relating to recycling.

Now it's up to the students to convert these practise sessions into positive results during their assessment as well as in the long run.

Ingrid Pride
Subject Coordinator - Languages