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Year 7 excursion Future BNE: Sustainable City Challenge

On Wednesday 20 March, three teams from Year 7 joined 650 students from over 30 schools at City Hall in Brisbane to participate in the Future BNE: Sustainable City Challenge.

Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, and the Channel 10 presenter/scientist, Dr Rod Bell, challenged the students to take from ‘what we know now’ and put on their ‘imagination caps’ to envision and create a design fiction for the Brisbane of 2100. The challenge is an immersive and interactive, future-thinking learning experience where students design innovative, creative and radical solutions to make Brisbane the cleanest, greenest and most sustainable city in Australia.

The groups worked through a skills audit to ascertain individual strengths, weaknesses and areas of personal interest. They were then briefed with a theme, such as water, waste or energy and a persona with specific needs and wants for their future city.

The next phase was working through a narrative of how we would create a future solution based on our prescribed theme and persona. After the planning, decade by decade, students created a model then pitched their idea to demonstrate their vision for Brisbane in 2100.

Well done to all students are were involved.

Karen Eyre
Teacher Librarian