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Year 9 Camp to Total Adventures Noosa North Shore Retreat

Year 9 Camp 30

From Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 of May 2019, the Year 9 cohort embarked on an adventure to Noosa to enjoy a range of activities that tested our physical capabilities, teamwork and cohort unity.

After a long bus trip filled with 'Despicable Me' ads and a short barge ride, we arrived at the unknown, which turned out to be an unforgettable experience. Activities at the camp included; Mountain Bike riding, Canoeing, Raft building, an Obstacle Course and Archery as well as Camp craft and Leadership.

As the camp was situated around a National Park, the scenery and surrounds were at the centre-point of the activities. A particular favourite amongst the cohort, raft building, challenged students to build a raft from barrels, wooden poles and rope. The difficult part, however, was that it had to stay afloat on the water. It was hilarious to watch the rafts we had worked so passionately on completely dissolve and see people plunge into the river.

Mountain bike riding, the obstacle course and canoeing were physically demanding for some, but really showed how beautiful the Noosa National Park region is. In the canoeing activity, stingrays and other marine life were spotted around various points of the river.

Night activities included Laser Tag and a Trivia competition. In Trivia, the students all split up into their own chosen groups and mentally battled it out to achieve the top spot! Laser Tag, however, was much more physically demanding. Three rounds of laser tag were played of either; a 'Team Deathmatch' or 'Domination' style, where teams had to control a certain object for the longest to win.

On the final day, even though we were sad to leave, the last activity really was an absolute crowd pleaser. The mini Olympics put activity groups head to head to try and take the top spot. The events included backwards running relay, an apple eating contest, archery, and tanks and commanders - where blindfolded students were commanded by teammates to knock out other tanks by throwing soft balls at them.

A special shout-out to the Rhonda Squad - named after one of the camp instructors -for being a spirit highlight. The team was enthusiastic in their approach to the activities and made up a great war cry. However, team Rhonda was edged out by 1 point by Legatria to get second place. Great work to Legatria!

The camp was an extremely enjoyable experience. We learned about ourselves, our peers, our environment and made friends along the way. Special thank you to the Year 9 Form Teachers, Ms Middleton, Mrs Gregor, Mr Makridakis and especially to Mr Griggs for making this camp possible.

Ryan McDonald
Year 9 Student