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Year 9 Explorations

Last Thursday evening saw the opening of the Year 9 art exhibition ‘Explorations’. It was a huge success with many parents and students attending.  Work created by both the Visual Art and Multimedia students was on display including short films, animations, Nasubi galleries, life drawings and graphic design packages. 

Participants enjoyed viewing the collection and were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite artwork.  The count was close due to the exceptional work of our talented artists.  Congratulations to the winners of each category: 

Multimedia – Lauren Sullivan

Life Drawing – Varsha Raghavan

Nasubi Gallery – Sophie Bell

Wendy Brown 
Art Teacher Aide

About 'Explorations' 

The Journey of the Figure

Students investigated the form of the human figure with a life model, to create a folio of experimental drawings.  Working from these images, the students created a new media presentation that explored the journey of a figure.

Nasubi Gallery

In Term 3 students researched an issue that they feel strongly about.  By selecting and manipulating visual language, they created a Nasubi Gallery to silently protest the issue.  A Nasubi Gallery is a small portable art gallery, first initiated by the Japanese artist, Tsuyoshi Ozawa.


Students utilised the multimedia element of digital imagery to design their own magazine cover, using their own photographs. They also designed and assembled a stationery business package for a specific client.  This included incorporating the original logo design into the letterhead, compliments slip and DL envelope.