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Year 9 Visual Art students explore local and global issues

On Wednesday 16 October, Year 9 Visual Art students opened an exhibit in the Shared Space Gallery presenting their artwork from Semester 1 and Term 3 units. Students and staff enjoyed sushi and refreshments together while discussing some of the thought-provoking topics on show.

Semester 1 artworks were inspired by street artists Swoon and Levalet. After investigating the techniques of these artists and the themes of unsung heroes, students created charcoal and ink drawings, lino prints and paste-ups featuring people they believed were deserving of the unsung hero title. Also in the exhibit, Nasubi Galleries showcasing various social or environmental concerns the students want to voice or protest. With topical subjects such as the Toondah Harbour site, plastics in our waterways, sweat shops, puppy farms and many other issues, the students used materials and visual techniques to convey the messages they feel need to be addressed local or globally.

The Year 9 exhibit will remain in the gallery until 1 November.

Samantha Wong
Teacher - Visual Art