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Co-Curricular Opportunities - Unlocking Strengths & Talents

While strong academic performance is important, at Ormiston College private school we believe an individual’s social skills and self-confidence are just as vital for success. Our broad co-curricular program encourages students to recognise their talents and to enjoy genuine success and growth in self-confidence.

As our students progress through the College, an incredibly diverse and challenging range of co-curricular activities open up to them and we encourage students to take part in as many courses, cultural activities and sporting pursuits as possible. Students can choose from music, drama, debating, leadership programs and from an extensive list of individual performance and team sporting activities including: Music Tuition, Aerobics, Speech, Drama, Dance, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Chess, Public Speaking, Robotics Club, Sailing, Biennial Musical and Tennis Tuition.

Additional co-curricular opportunities exist through the participation in a variety of clubs and committees such as Swimming Club, Debating Club, Fitness Club, Art Club, Robotics Club, Environmental Committee, Social Justice Committee, Cultural Committee, Academic Committee, Sporting Committee and School Community Committee.

Our team programs teach the importance of individual performance and commitment to the whole, while also helping students learn how to strive to achieve ‘personal bests’ and to both win and lose with grace. Of course, having fun is also important.

Program of Adventure, Educational Excursions, Camps and Tours

Critical learning doesn’t only happen on campus and our program of camps and excursions are seen as important ways of broadening a child's educational experiences.

Our Junior School excursions are based around the year level curriculum and are directly related to lessons being conducted. Junior School camps of varying duration are held each year for all year levels from Year 3 through to Year 6. While every camp is greeted with great excitement and enthusiasm, the highlight for our junior College students is the Year 6 tour to Sydney and Canberra with a one-day stopover at a ski resort.

Camps are organised for students in Year 7 and Year 9 to assist in social growth and development, and in Year 11 with a focus on leadership in preparation for the role students will undertake in Year 12. Every second year, students in Years 9 to 12 may participate in tours to Germany and Japan, enjoying home-stays with our sister schools in both countries. Our College reciprocates each alternate year, providing home-stays for students from both countries, developing a stronger understanding and appreciation for other cultures and individuals.

In past years, Senior Art students have travelled to Italy, the Humanities Department to Turkey and Greece and numerous sporting and music tour groups have travelled both overseas and interstate. A much-anticipated highlight in the co-curricular program for the Year 12 students is the annual 7-day ski tour to Perisher Blue Ski Resort – an outstanding way of rounding out their intensive and enriching private school education with Ormiston College.