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Ormiston College is committed to developing well-rounded students who shine according to their strengths academically, culturally or on the sporting field.

Junior School Curriculum

Our Junior School curriculum is designed to ensure strong academic foundations supported by cultural and sporting programs designed to educate the whole person. Intellectual, physical, social, cultural and moral development are all-important if the child is to achieve his or her full potential as a happy and fulfilled member of society.

In these vitally important and formative years, our private primary school teaching staff promote learning through nurturing curiosity, providing the opportunities to develop decision making and problem solving and encouraging critical and creative thinking. We develop essential knowledge and skills that can be applied across a variety of contexts and environments.

Our College actively encourages artistic expression, providing a truly unique environment that encourages students to respond, participate and appreciate the creative arts in their many varying forms.

Middle and Senior School Curriculum

The curriculum offered to our Middle and Senior students is specifically designed to present a broad, liberal education encouraging meaningful choices that will keep course and career options open. All subjects are QCAA subjects, ensuring each student is eligible to receive an ATAR.

The Middle School Curriculum ensures that students in Year 7 to Year 9 are provided with engaging learning activities and have strong opportunities to develop solid foundations in literacy and numeracy. The teaching and learning in all subjects is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. All students will study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Technologies, and Health and Physical Education.

Foundation Studies in Senior subjects occurs during Terms 1 to 3 in Year 10. Foundation Studies provides students with a platform of strong skills essential for future success in their Senior Studies. Students become familiar with the expectations of Senior Studies, giving them an awareness of higher standards, more intense assessments, the speed of delivery of new courses, experience in personal study, higher level of research and homework requirements. Students commence their Senior Studies in Term 4 of Year 10 and continue through to the completion of Year 12.

Students are encourage to pursue subjects that they enjoy and that will be beneficial to their post school options.