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To ensure solid academic and cultural foundations, Ormiston College offers a Middle School program for Years 7, 8 and 9. This program allows for a seamless transition from primary school, while recognising the different developmental needs of early adolescents. Middle School is a time of developing personal identity, along with discovering talents and aptitudes. Our program is designed to identify and nurture the strengths of each student, while positively guiding and influencing their character.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition into secondary schooling, the College has constructed a Year 7 Precinct to provide the Year 7s with a home base where the majority of Core classes are taught. Students move around the campus to access specialist facilities but the Year 7 Precinct provides a stable learning environment that is particularly important for students of this age.

Middle School students participate in the full range of extensive co-curricular activities offered by Ormiston College.

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