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Supporting our Students

At Ormiston College, we provide permanent, on-campus pastoral support and guidance for students and their parents. Our Pastoral Care Program focuses on students’ social, emotional, behavioural and spiritual well-being and builds their capacity to meet the challenges faced during and beyond their school years.

Establishing a nurturing, safe environment for our students, that also sets boundaries, establishes expectations and encourages achievement to the best of the individual’s ability, helps to build a child’s confidence and, over time, the ability to reach out and help others.

The Student Support Services team consists of two Counsellors and a Chaplain.

Personal Counselling is provided on a needs basis in a confidential setting by a Counsellor. Students can self-refer, or be referred by a staff member or parent, about aspects of the student’s life affecting their social-emotional wellbeing and/or academic performance. Concerns for which students might seek counselling may include:

Academic support is provided on request from the student, parent or a teacher to assist with study planning, personal organisation, goal setting, motivation and learning styles. It also includes hints and tips to study smarter and learn to use time wisely and effectively. Academic support provides focus and direction and assists student to develop the skill set to allow them to work proactively towards achieving their academic potential. A parent and student meeting with the Academic Support Counsellor is recommended so each party is ‘on the same page’ and working together.

Careers guidance, including advice for subject selections and future pathways beyond Year 12, is available to students. All Year 12s participate in two individual Futures interviews – one in Term 1, focusing on entry requirements for tertiary study or alternate pathways and setting academic goals for the year, and the other in Term 4, focusing on future plans and may include QTAC preference list or consolidating alternate plans. Appointments are available on request from students and/or parents for students in all year levels.

The Five Foundations of Program Achieve

Children don't grow up according to any one set of rules. Each one has his or her unique nature and needs. In response to this, we are committed to catering for the whole person, not just their academic well-being but also their spiritual, emotional and social well-being.

From Prep, our students benefit from Program Achieve, an exceptional program designed to develop positive characteristics in attitude and motivation which, when combined with sound cognitive skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary development, mathematical reasoning, creative and critical thinking, allow students to reach a level of true success.

Through Program Achieve, students slowly develop strengths in the Five Foundations:

Getting Along, Organisation, Persistence, Confidence, Emotional Resilience

The program is offered to students from Prep through to Year 12 and encourages students to become successful learners through the development of social, emotional and behavioural well-being.