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Ormiston College, founded in 1988, embraces the natural environment and rich heritage of the Ormiston region of the Redland City Council area. Located just 25km southeast of Brisbane, the College is easily accessible from one of the many public and private transport options available. The layout of the College buildings resembles a lovely colonial village set among large shady, manicured lawns, winding paths and lush gardens that provide a green buffer zone between the classrooms. Visitors comment on the peace and tranquillity of the College – even during lunch breaks!

Specialist Centres

Our Early Learning Centre - Affectionately named, 'Puggle's Burrow', the Ormiston College Early Learning Centre provides children from 15 months to 5 years with a safe, nurturing, and fun environment designed to enhance their early development. Known for its excellent facilities and resources, the centre provides quality, safe and friendly care and is a great foundation for future learning.

Science Centre – The science centre provides five Biology and Chemistry science laboratories and a dry Physics science laboratory affording outstanding opportunities for pursuing a range of science-based subjects.

Centre for Learning Innovation – The CLI is the hub for our community of learners; it is an intersection where people and information collide and evolve. Our CLI is a library of the future and a community hub, not merely a holding area for books. The focus is on ‘flexible space’ and the creation of an environment that is conducive to student interaction and collaborative learning. ‘Makerspaces’, sometimes referred to as hackspaces or fablabs, are innovative creative DIY spaces where students gather to create, invent and learn. There are 3D printers, software, electronics, craft, hardware tools and much more, with easily moveable furniture capable of quick reconfiguration to support different kinds of activity.

Information Communication Technology – Preparing our students for work in the 21st century workplace requires ICT proficiency. Our College uses modern ICT devices in combination with 21st century skills taught within our classrooms. All learning areas are appointed with suitable, modern and innovative ICT devices. Starting in our early years, our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students all use the latest iPad technology to assist their learning. Then, in each Year 3 to Year 6 cohort there are a bank of 15 hybrid tablet/laptops featuring an electronic pen that enables high-level input on various tasks and activities, providing better learning compared to traditional keyboard and mouse devices. From Year 7 until the end of Year 12, students are provided with their own hybrid laptop, that they can use in the classroom and take home, ensuring they have the right technology tools for learning whenever they are needed. For the more high-end technology requirements, the College also has a single computing lab featuring 28 AutoCAD certified desktops equipped with large monitors and i7 processors.

The College also has a rich set of multimedia devices. Every classroom in Junior School features an interactive whiteboard and speakers for use with various educational software and e-Learning tasks. In Middle and Senior School, every teaching space has a projector and speakers. The whole College is covered with wireless access so that as many ICT devices as possible can be used wirelessly; this enables true collaboration between staff and students throughout the campus. The Centre for Learning and Innovation has MediaScape lounges where students can connect their laptops and work collaboratively with other students in a relaxed setting.

The College also caters for the production of assignment work with students having access to photocopiers where they can scan and digitise content, copy and print assignments in rich colour and up to A3 sized paper; there are also digital still and video cameras available for loan from the CLI. Students, through their enrollment, are allowed to access and install at no extra cost the Microsoft Office productivity suite for use on any computer or laptop they may use the home.

Support for all of this technology is provided by the College’s own ICT Helpdesk located in the CLI. All equipment is regularly maintained and students and parents can visit or call the ICT Services for any questions relating to the technology and ICT Services provided by the College.

The Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre features a 13 x 9 metre stage, the latest staging technology, drama studio, and individual music rooms.

The Somerset Sports Centre provides first-class facilities for basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball, fully equipped gymnasium, and multi-purpose rooms for dance, aerobics, and other programs and houses the Ormiston Private Health Club.

The Marsson Aquatic Centre is a 25 metre heated swimming pool and complex.

Take a virtual tour of our campus, or book an in-person tour. We look forward to meeting you.